Search Engine Marketing Services for Agencies

Agencies and Client Ownership

For agencies that would like to provide their clients search engine optimization or pay-per-click services, but presently don’t have the resources or the bandwidth please consider SEM SEO Pro your in-house resource. With a mutually agreeable fee structure for SEO and PPC services I’m merely right down the hall from your office. I’m part of your team and I promise your client will always be your client.

Agencies and Client Referrals

For agencies that aren’t sure how to price SEO or PPC services to their clients you prefer may elect to simply refer your clients to me for SEO and PPC services. In this case I will happily pay a generous 10% referral fee on services I provide. I’ll pay you a referral fee for the lifetime of the engagement, on the original level of service and all additional services I provide your referral.

I presently work with several agencies providing their clients with search engine marketing services. Feel free to contact me to collect their contact information and check my references.  I look forward to being a part of your team.