Search Engine Optimization

Disappointed with your search engine visibility?

You’ve got a website. You’re recognized in your community, or your industry as one of the best at what you do. Now, you are wondering why your website doesn’t appear in Google’s top search results? Google wouldn’t have one of the largest market caps in the US if were that simple. Just because your product or service has been around for twenty years doesn’t mean Google deems you the most relevant business in its index.

Search engine optimization (SEO), or rather good search engine visibility (rankings) are based on a trinity of elements: technical, content and links. When all three are addressed your website is on its way to good search engine rankings.

What is the SEO Trinity?

The technical element of the trinity speaks to how well your website is coded. If your website’s code is poorly written then Google is going to penalize your website and rank better coded websites above you. Now more than ever Google is penalizing slow loading websites because they believe it is negatively effects their users experience.

Are you an Authority?

You’ve been in business for 30 years, and you have one page of content on your website about your core product, ‘red running shoes’. Your new nemesis, Brand X has been in business for only two years. Brand X also sells red running shoes. His website has five pages on content on his website about ‘red running shoes’. Who do you think Google is going to deem authoritative on red running shows?

How Popular are You?

A good part of Google algorithm is based in large part like a popularity contest. Links, or backlinks found on other websites that point to your website signal to Google your degree of popularity.  All things being equal, if Brand X has twenty back links and you have five, who do you think Google is going to deem more popular?

Still sound mysterious?

Everything mentioned here is public knowledge and readily available on the internet. However, SEO requires continuous content and backlink development, and SEO is constantly evolving. The goal is to be on page one on Google for your most important keywords – where 80% of the click traffic occurs. If you need more customers and understand that SEO requires constant attention then contact me today to speak to an experienced professional – who’ll get you on page one.