Google Analytics Consulting

What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is a website traffic analyzer.  Google Analytics gives you a piece of code that gets placed on every page of your website. You login into your Google Analytics account and you get to see how your website visitors got there and how they behave while they’re there. Best of all Google Analytics is free – at least for now.

Why do I need Google Analytics?

Okay. You have a website. Your website is well optimized. You’re continuously adding new content and seeking out new back link opportunities. Search engine marketing, including SEO and PPC requires constant attention. How do you know if all your hard work is effective and your advertising investments are paying off?  Google Analytics will tell you if your content resonates with your visitors and if your marketing and advertising dollars are effective.

Can you give me an example?

To illustrate; let’s say you optimized one of your web pages for ‘red running shoes’. Google Analytics can show you that not only did you get organic search engine traffic for ‘red running shoes’, but you also got traffic for ‘red running sneakers’.

Why should you care?

You see Google deems sneakers as synonymous with shoes so you’re appearing in Google search results for both phrases. Google Analytics will also show that the sneaker traffic is sending more, higher quality traffic then ‘shoe’ traffic.

What can I take away that’s actionable?

The net result is a business would either re-optimize the page for ‘red running sneakers’, or build at least one page of content around the new phrase, and even bid for the phrase with PPC traffic with Google Adwords.

This is only one of scores date points that come from Google Analytics. It’s the actionable recommendations that a Google Analytics certified specialist can provide you that matters. Contact me today to discuss how easily you can begin evaluating all of your online marketing efforts with Google analytics.