Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Often thought solely as paid search engine promotion search engine marketing (SEM), at least by many in the industry suggests it encompasses all facets of search engine visibility, paid or non-paid.  Inherently measurable search engine marketing needs to a part of every online marketer’s revenue generating solution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained

Search engine optimization is based on relevance. Relevance, or at least Google’s search algorithm, is based essentially on two elements, your website’s authority and its popularity. Authority is indicative of the quality and quantity of your website’s content, and the frequency with which you post new content. Your popularity is indicative of the number of other websites that link to yours. These links or back links are the currency on Google. All things being equal, the more back links a website has the higher its search engine rankings are. 80% of the non-paid organic click traffic occurs on the first page of search engine results pages.  The goal is page one rankings for your most important keywords – not page two.

Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) Explained

Yes, people really do click on those ads, especially if they are buying or booking. There are lots of good reasons why smart marketers incorporate both SEO and PPC in their online marketing strategy. Increased revenue and increased brand awareness are merely two of the most important reasons. Anyone with a credit card can start advertising with Google AdWords. However, most newbies too often lose their shirts because they aren’t implementing simple pay-per-click advertising best practices.  Just as bad, they’re not continuously managing it and discovering new opportunities or flaws with their original setup.

Conversion Rate Optimization Explained

While not technically search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is every bit as important. Don’t leave money on the table by not asking for the order. Be sure you’re putting the horse in front of the cart by making sure your landing pages are compelling visitors to take your desired action, and making it easy as possible for your visitors to take that action.

Google Analytics Explained

This free and relatively easy to use website analytics program tells you if all of your online marketing efforts, including search engine marketing are performing optimally. It’s easy to find the data. It’s another to interpret the Google Analytics data and provide actionable recommendations.

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